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  • 19/12/1922
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  • Tapered Rock Bit
    Is used for drilling equipment, drill can be used to Tapered Rock Bit drill ground water, geothermal energy and so on. And drilling engineering important is security issues, so in the process of drilling, how to prevention and control of drill derrick collapse? The root cause of drill derrick dumping or fall: according to the drilling rig derrick under various conditions of stress...
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  • dth drill bits
    Combining with the vibration dth button bits and rotation drilling strata. It consists of drill bit, vibrator, shock absorber and the guide cylinder. Vibrator to produce the whole cone drilling tools do the exciting force of the oscillating motion, broken rock. Using compressed air reverse circulation washing well, the drilling cuttings through the catheter and drill pipe cavity well....
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  • DHD Drill bit
    Based on the terrain conditions, in Borehole Drill Bits valleys or low-lying place to find water. Drilling Wells in the mountains, for example, the groundwater is more commonly set in the valleys, well drilling team or drain out of the earth's surface into spring; In seaside or lakeside liman, because of the rain and surface water have entered, feasible into freshwater lens, this lens...
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  • down the hole bit
    With the development of oil well dth drilling hammer drilling industry, the drilling also more into the deep drilling. Mud besides still served as an important task of removing cuttings, have to have other functions, can do the difficult well drilling and deep well. , it can not only remove mud hole, cooling the drill bit, loop out of drill cuttings, improving drilling rate, more can...
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  • mining dth bit
    Scientific drilling is according to the step by step, each dhd drill bit step with every step of the process and purpose, we should set up drilling plan in advance, so that when the drilling problem can be solved better, the steps below small make up for the scientific drilling now have? Hope to be able to help you. Tube set design is the culmination of a drilling. Any a well in the...
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  • Mining Drilling Equipment
    We often encounter when drilling Mining Drilling Equipment drilling plugging, plugging after it will affect our progress, we must think of some way to unblock it, otherwise no way to carry on the following work, here small make up is to introduce the drilling dredge work should be how to operate? Hope to be able to help you. Drilling construction in the process of drilling, according...
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