College stress is not something that everyone can handle. Are you not up for the challenge? Do you feel tired? Stress can make it impossible to complete your essay. This can cause you to be unable to write for several weeks. You need to find a solution. How do you achieve your desired goal? And which path should you choose? These are some key tips that will help you to fill in the gaps.

Learn how to meditate

Meditation can help you to disconnect from the outside world, and it reduces stress levels. Psychological patterns are the root cause of any difficulty in writing assignments. Overwork and stress can lead to depression, which can result in the inability or unwillingness to write even a few lines. Find a quiet spot, lay down on the floor and close your eyes.

Think of an ocean, a forest edge or a mountaintop. You might feel peaceful. Imagine if your daily worries were a part of your everyday life. Breathe slowly and evenly. You can reduce stress and keep your mind free from obsessive thoughts by focusing on the present moment. This life hack can help you rewrite your papers.

Change to a new task

Imagine you have spent an hour writing sentences but were unable to write any. You will probably be mad because time is the most precious resource students have. You don't have to despair, though. It is possible to switch tasks. Your brain may be tired and not interested in writing essays or researching relevant topics. Get out of your dorm and go shopping. Any activity can help you get out of your daily grind and recharge your brain.

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